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Tuesday May 12th, 2015

At 12:48 pm today Cinnamon delivered one very beautiful doeling. Not only is she stunningly cute but also an absolute snuggle bunny. She has won over the hearts of all of us. Unfortunately I missed the birth, I was at work. But Nancy had the joy of being the first to greet and welcome this little one into the world. It appears that Cinnamon kids as easily as her half sister Honey. Cinnamon is a fantastic, text-book style Mama. It is so very sweet to see her lovingly care for and watch after her sweet little doeling. Baby is doing very well, she is strong and was up on her feet feeding from her mama almost instantly.

IMG_5419 IMG_5437






Friday May 15, 2015

At 11:30am today Honey kidded. She had 3 kids: 1 large buckling (whom Paul has called Honey Bear – he has violated the “Don’t name the kid unless you are sure they are staying” rule! I guess the little buckling is just too cute.), 1 normal sized buckling who was sadly still born, and one very tiny doeling. The large buckling is thriving, up on his feet and feeding. I have no idea why the other buckling was stillborn. His size was good (although not as large as his brother) and he was perfectly formed, he had not been dead long. I can only assume that something happened in the birth canal. After calm was restored to the goat house Paul and I buried him amid tears and prayers. Honey kids so easily, no screaming, no hours of contractions or pushing. One push and the kid pops out. Sadly though, so far she has kidded 3 times and each time we have lost a kid. It is heartbreaking.

Honey Bear
Honey Bear








The tiny little doling
The tiny little doling








The third kid is tiny. This little doeling weighs just 1 pound 8 ounces. She was so weak at birth she was unable to lift her head, let alone stand up. But I knew she was alive because she was crying! I scooped her up and went in to revive and save mode, reminiscent of when little Buttercup was born 3 years ago, only Buttercup was stronger then than this little one. We lost Buttercup’s sister, and I was not about to let this one go without doing everything I possibly could to save her. Out came the towels, the nutri drench, the syringe and feeding tube….. I milked some colostrum out of Honey ASAP and tube fed it to her. Then we wrapped her up in towels, made a bed in a box and brought her indoors. She slept by my side all afternoon while I worked. When we went back to Katywil for evening animal chores I took her with me. She was awake and hungry. So Lynn held her up to Honey’s teat. She totally amazed all of us and started sucking away, for a long time! She may not be strong enough to stand but she has an amazing sucking reflux and this might be just what saves her. After that she crashed and napped for a few hours. Many thanks to Isabel, Lynn, the Willard family and Nancy and Haynes for their help with the kidding this week.

Look at those ears!  Hopefully she will grow in to them soon.
Look at those ears! Hopefully she will grow in to them soon.

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  1. Alicia said:

    Wow – it indeed is a busy time and the Hadley household! Honey Bear is a perfect name!! Beautiful babies!!!

    May 16, 2015

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