Construction Update

Friday May 8th 2015

Rich and Jane have been working away at a crazy pace, we are amazed at their progress. The roof trusses arrived on Monday. By the end of this week the shell for the house was complete (except the garage and front porch) and the roof was on. At this stage it is pretty water tight. Amazingly there has not been a drop of rain since we began construction. While that is great news for our house building, it is not so great for the crops. But we are really glad that we were able to get the shell more or less water tight without being rained on.image




  1. Cindy said:

    That looks like a big house. Construction seems to be going fast. My prayers are with you.can’t wait to visit you.. Maybe next year?

    May 14, 2015
    • jhadley said:

      It is deceiving! It looks big from the bottom of the lot when you are looking up. All of the Katywil houses look that way actually, and they are all build on a slope. But in fact they are all on the small side. The smallest house is 1000ft^2, the largest is 1800ft^2. Our house is 1150ft^2, not large but efficient and a lot of dual use of space. We can’t wait until you and Brian and Iris visit us. How about this year? And next year as well:-)

      May 15, 2015

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