Happy Birthday Monique!

Wednesday November 19th, 2014

Happy Birthday Monique


Today we celebrated Monique’s 8th birthday! We can’t hardly believe that 8 years have gone by since we received a phone call from our adoption agency (the Independent Adoption Center) telling us that a birthmom had selected us and had just given birth to a baby girl at San Jose Regional Medical Center. That set of a flurry of activity that in some sense has never really ended. Today on this special day Paul and I are finding ourselves reflecting on all the joy Monique has brought in to our lives, and also on how much she has changed us. This year in particular has been a huge year for Monique with so many changes. From the moment we left Santa Rosa in June on our journey across the country with the goats, to settling in to Katywil and then moving over to Wilson Hill Road for the winter Monique has risen to all the challenges and handled everything so well while still continuing to throw in some great laughter. Despite the sadness of leaving the only home she had known thus far, our Hadley-Hill family and her beloved cousins, her Sunday School friends and SRFACS friends, she has totally embraced our new life on the New England pastures and hills. She had truly been a critical part of the team. We are so very proud of our “Little Girl”. So, with much love and joy in our hearts, today’s blog entry is a celebration of our Little Girl. Happy Birthday to my dearest Monique!Celebrating Monique's birthday with Katywil neighbors


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