I’m dreaming of a white……. Thanksgiving!

Thursday November 27th 2014

Yesterday on the eve of Thanksgiving the snow began to fall and Colrain was transformed to a magical world. The view from our warm log home was as pretty as though we were in a snow globe! By afternoon the snow had accumulated to about 8 inches and Monique was absolutely loving it! The grandkids of our neighbors had arrived for the Thanksgiving holiday and they invited Monique to come down to their house and play in the snow. As the daylight faded, Paul and I dressed up in our snow gear and stepped out to take a walk on Wilson Hill, reveling in the peaceful beauty and tranquility of the freshly snow dusted hillside. The view of Pioneer Valley was as picturesque as ever.P1040889View of Pioneer Valley freshly dusted in SnowP1040891

When we returned home and began to make dinner the electricity began to flicker. Sure enough in the evening hours we lost power completely….for the next 24 hours! This seems to happen fairly often in these parts. This is the 6th power outage we have experienced since we moved to Colrain in late June! However what made this one unique is that it fell on the eve of the Thanksgiving feast, where electricity is a key ingredient to the success of the festivities.

We had been invited to spend Thanksgiving with our Katywil friends Haynes and Nancy. Haynes is one of the most talented chefs I know. Luckily for us, Haynes and Nancy have a generator, so that enabled Haynes to work his culinary magic despite the power outage. We felt incredibly fortunate as we left our dark and chili log cabin and in the warmth and comfort of Haynes and Nancy’s zero energy home we were treated to an unbelievable Thanksgiving feast. The turkey itself was a heritage breed turkey raised free range by Haynes and Nancy. Haynes had brined it and roasted it. Paired with Brussels sprouts roasted with pistachio nuts and gruyere cheese, creamed pearl onions, roasted yams, fresh cranberry and raspberry sauce, mashed potatoes and a loaf of my sourdough bread we gave thanks for this incredible bounty and the culinary talent and warmth and hospitality of our friends.



Some time in the middle of that night the power was finally restored to our log cabin. Many of our Colrain neighbors who were without power and had no generator on Thursday ended up celebrating the Thanksgiving feast on Friday instead. Monique was as happy as any 8 year old can be and she spent 3 days sledding, throwing snowballs and making snowmen with the neighbors’ grandkids. We felt very blessed on this Thanksgiving to be remembered.

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