We have a well!

Monday November 10th 2014

On Friday afternoon Cushing & Sons arrived with their well drilling rig and parked it at the top of our lot. The wells for the houses in Katwil have so far been between 200 and 400ft, and the flow has varied but in all cases is excellent. The well drilling trucks are impressive, massive in size, drilling is computer controlled, an extensive rack of pressure gauges…. I am told that each truck costs roughly $1.5 Million. Cushing owns two of them, and moving them around is costly and so strategically is important. Last week one of the trucks finished a job in Greenfield, 10 miles away from us in Colrain. Cushing wanted to get the truck here at the end of the job and start drill on our lot if at all possible. The reason: the cost of driving the drilling truck back to Cushings’s home base in Keene New Hampshire, 42 miles away is a whopping $750, $1500 round trip to get it back here to Colrain.

Cushing & Sons drilling truck parked at the top of our lot
Cushing & Sons drilling truck parked at the top of our lot

First thing this morning, drilling began. At 2pm they reached 300ft depth and water began gushing out down our lot at a rate of 30 gal/min! I was tending to the goats at the bottom of our lot. One of the drillers excitedly waved to me and gave me the thumbs up. It’s a good well, and it feels good to have finally started on developing our lot.


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