About Us


Paul is a freelance French horn musician. Born in Puyallup,WA,  he spent most of his childhood years growing up in Maui. He has fond memories of hiking to waterfalls and diving of cliffs into waterholes. In 1996 he moved to Santa Rosa California.


Judy was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. She came to the US to study chemical engineering when she was 17 years old. In 1998 she moved to Santa Rosa California. Paul and Judy met and married in 2004. Together they are avid swing dancers, gardeners, goat herders, cheesemakers….


Paul and Judy were blessed with the arrival of Monique in 2006. Monique loves to draw, run around with the chickens and the goats, and is obsessed with every ballet!



Sophie is our 9 month old black-tri Australian Shepherd pup.

4 happy goats
4 happy goats

Honey, Clover, Buttercup & Cinnamon are our goats.  They are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats.  We enjoy their rich milk (7-11% butterfat) and make cheese from their milk.  They came to us from Foggy River Farm in Windsor, California.