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Saturday June 27th

Our 7 kids are thriving and growing fast. This batch of kids is especially lovely and sweet, we have so much enjoyed them. But at 6 weeks of age, they are starting to naturally wean themselves and will soon be ready to move to new homes. This is always a sad, somewhat bittersweet time for us. As much as we love them and have told ourselves continually not to bond, it is inevitable that we have grown attached to them. But we are also realistic about our workload and the family “bandwidth”. Right now at this stage we are not in any position to expand our herd. So find good new homes for them we must!







Luckily two of the doelings will remain in Katywil! These are the two that would have been hardest for us to part with. It seems that Mikalya has been bitten by the goat love bugJ It all started when our first kid arrived, Cinnamon gave birth to Coco Patch. 5 days later Mikayla sat beside me and was my assistant helping me to deliver Clover’s kids, Starlight and Moonlight. From that moment on, Mikayla and her brother Mason were regular daily visitors to the kids. Mikayla (and the rest of the Willard family!) has been helping us out more and more with goat care, for which we are most grateful, especially with little Charlotte who was born so tiny and needed 24/7 care for the first week of life. Despite our best attempts to encourage bonding between Charlotte and her mother Honey, Honey eventually officially rejected Charlotte and she became a bottle baby. Mikayla took on the mothering role for sweet little Charlotte. Now, Mikayla will have her own herd. Charlotte is now a resident at the Willard home. As soon as she is fully weaned, Starlight will also join Charlotte. We are thrilled to have Mikalya and her family join us in the joys and adventures of goat keeping. Charlotte is now sporting a stylish pink collar and blue bell, and Mikayla is sporting a big happy smile.

A happy Mikayla and a happy Charlotte
A happy Mikayla and a happy Charlotte








Three weeks ago I bought a 50pound sack of sweet grain at the Greenfield Tractor Supply. A kind gentleman behind me in line offered to help me carry my grain to the truck. We struck up a conversation. Seeing that the grain was for goats, he asked me what kind of goats I had. He apparently also has a few Nigerian Dwarf goats as well and was looking for a couple of doelings to add to his herd. So, on Saturday, Gary and his wife and daughter came out to visit our herd. Long story short, Granite and Coco Patch will be moving to Gary’s farm in Whately in 2 weeks. That only leaves our 3 little bucklings that are up for sale, so now it is time for me to place an add.

To round out today’s post, here is a fun article written by Mikayla mom, Karen Willard, about their recent visit in to Shelburne Falls with the adorable little Charlotte on leash   – all ready for print in the local Shelburne Falls news paper:-)

*Kid* Stops Traffic and Turns Heads in Shelburne Falls – June 24th, 2015

Today in the span of only 1 hour a 4 legged *kid* managed to turn the heads of every person they passed by on the sidewalks of downtown Shelburne Falls.

Often one would hear “ is that a puppy or a goat? Hey, it is a goat – awwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute!”

This sweet thing also managed to stop traffic – twice.

The first time she stopped in the middle of the street to piddle and cars patiently waited until she finished and made it to the sidewalk.

The second time she was crossing the street a man on a moped pulled up and called out by name “ Hey, is that Charlotte? It is!” and then proceeded to pet her and explain that he was a neighbor of the Hadley’s at their current apartment. Meanwhile, cars and their passengers were waiting patiently to be on their way and smiling from ear-to-ear .

She also had a few paparazzi moments as the entire pizza place window was filled with onlookers pressed up against the glass and had folks taking snapshots.

Another man, pushing a baby carriage filled with two pugs, said “Hey is that a goat? I got take a picture of that as my wife will never believe me!”

To top it off the two local librarians were tickled to meet Charlotte and gave her a pass for being in the library as they only have a “no dogs allowed* rule.

Cuteness rules! That is some *kid*!

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